We want to be an alternative to Blackberry, says HMD’s General Manager

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“We want to be an alternative to Blackberry” this is what HMD Global’s General Manager (South and West India) TS Sridhar said in an interview given to BusinessLine. This statement reveals that HMD is positioning itself as a manufacturer of secured smartphones for business. The Blackberry was well known for the same. Checkout the full statement below by Sridhar :

“Today, due to the ‘stock Android’ operating system, we have made inroads into the corporate segment with clients like SAP, Mukava and YBS group using Nokia phones globally. We want to be an alternative to Blackberry”

Nokia Smartphones on Android

While talking about Nokia smartphones on Android OS he said, “The combination of Nokia and Android is proving to be a phenomenal success story”, checkout his full statement below :

“When we came in, we were in the Symbian operating system and then on Windows. When we launched the mobiles in a new avatar, consumers welcomed us by saying Nokia on Android should be an experience. We focussed on craftsmanship, experience and design. The combination of Nokia and Android is proving to be a phenomenal success story,”

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Further he also commented on the market share & future ambitions of HMD Global :

“In 2017, Nokia was at number 17 in the smart phones pecking order. In less than two years, Nokia is at number 8 and in two-three years, we want to be among the top five players.”

Recently HMD”s CPO Juho Sarvikas announced that, now there are total 14 Nokia smartphones in the list of Android Enterprise recommended smartphones. You can checkout his tweet below for details :

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This is interesting to see HMD want to be an alternative for Blackberry with new Nokia Android smartphones. What do you think about the current strategy of HMD ?. Are they in the right direction ? We would love to hear your thoughts. Our comments section is always open for you.

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