We are doing a lot of future concepts | Says HMD’s designer on foldable Nokia phones

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Will we see foldable Nokia phones in 2020 ? HMD didn’t have officially announced such plans for yet. But company’s principal designer Miika Mahonen has answered a similar question in an interview with The Indian Express. In his interview he has discussed about a lot of things related to Nokia smartphones but we found one interesting question about foldable phones. Check it out below :

Foldable phones have finally arrived, though at present there are a lot of technical challenges that still persist. Is HMD Global looking at this space ?

Visual information is very important and that’s why the display technology is so important. We are working on how we can come up with the second generation and how we can improve the visual technology but I cannot reveal too much. But I can tell you that we are doing a lot of future concepts right now in different areas and that’s something I can say for sure.

So, indirectly HMD’s designer accepted that they are working on foldable Nokia phones but he can’t reveal that secret info for now.

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Nokia 2.3 | A Challenging Project

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Apart from foldable devices Miika also discussed about the design process of Nokia smartphones. Interestingly, he thinks that Nokia 2.3 was a very challenging project. Check out a short part from his answer :

What goes into creating Nokia phones ? Describe your design process.

..I recently worked on the Nokia 2.3. The project started about a year ago and we have a target for a product in a certain price range. After taking a lot of insights, I started doing concept design, how this product could look like, how could it feel like, and what could be the finish? I tried to build life models, a lot of mock-ups and we did a lot of material testing, and then eventually as a team, we felt that this was a good product, and then the real development started.

As a designer, I also work with suppliers because we are developing new materials and new kinds of finishes. This [Nokia 2.3] was a very challenging project.

You can check out Miika’s complete interview on The Indian Express by visiting here.

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