Watch : Nokia 5.1 Plus running on Android 10 | Internal experience video

Image : Nokia 5.1 Plus

Nokia 5.1 Plus users are eagerly waiting for Android 10 update to arrive in their phone. It will be available very soon (may be next month as shown in this official roadmap). But before that a new video showing internal experience of Android 10 on Nokia 5.1 Plus has been published on the YouTube channel named Calyx Hikari (well known Nokia & Microsoft community member). Device shown in the video has mentioned as Nokia X5 but in case you don’t know let me tell you that Nokia 5.1 Plus is the global variant of Chinese Nokia X5. Now take a look at the full video below :

Can I install it in my 5.1 Plus ?

Yes, you can. But HMD didn’t have announced it officially and if you install this update manually it would be very risky process. We don’t recommend it to do but if you’re still interested and want to take risk on your own then we suggest you to check this guide on XDA Developers.

We’ll give you a news update once HMD starts rolling out this update for everyone.

Stay tuned for further updates 🙂

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