Video: Nokia 5310 (2020) & Nokia 5.3 Drop Test | Will they survive?

Nokia 5.3

Are you excited to watch the Nokia 5.3 drop test? What about the similar test with Nokia 5310 (2020)? Will these devices manage to survive themselves if somebody drops them from higher up distance (eg.Dropping them from your terrace)? Well, ThePrint tried to find out answers for these questions in their latest video published on YouTube.

Video is around 5 minutes duration in which they perform a drop test with Nokia 5.3 (A newly launched mid-range smartphone powered by Android One) & Nokia 5310 (2020) (This is a multimedia feature phone especially for music lovers which reminds us the old Nokia 5310 ExpressMusic).

Nokia 5310 (2020)
Nokia 5310 (2020)

Here’s a video:

Video: Nokia 5.3 Drop Test along with Nokia 5310 (2020)

Both of these devices are good phones in their price segment. In the above video, you can see ThePrint’s team drops them from a flyover in India which could be easily 20+ feets in height. As expected Nokia 5310 (2020) has once again proved that it has a great build quality. But unfortunately display of Nokia 5.3 gets damaged in the same test.

We know that, not just feature phones but Nokia smartphones also comes with a great build quality. Until now, almost all Nokia smartphones have survived such drop tests with around 5-6 feets but it looks like dropping them from 20+ feets isn’t a good idea.