Unknown Nokia TA-1155 certified in Russia | Is this Nokia 5.2/6.2 ?

Image showing  leaked Nokia Daredevil (5.2/6.2)
Nokia Daredevil (5.2/6.2) leaked image

Unknown Nokia smartphone with model number TA-1155 has now certified in Russia. This is the first time we’re hearing about this new model. First reported by NPU, it could be one of the variant of upcoming Nokia 5.2/ 6.2. This new certification only shows its publication date (10-07-2019) & expiry date (01-07-2024). You can refer the below image for more details but unfortunately its quality isn’t that great :

Image showing Nokia TA-1155 at the Russian certification
Nokia TA-1155 at the Russian certification

Why TA-1155 could be upcoming Nokia 5.2/6.2 ?

As per Nokia Anew (Russian Nokia community) Nokia 5.2/6.2 was originally planned to announce during Q2 of this year. But the announcement was postponed for unknown reasons. The source also claims that currently there is a shortage of mid-range Nokia smartphones in Russia :

According to the original plan, the new generation of Nokia 6 Series was to be announced in the 2nd quarter of 2019.

In Russia there is a shortage of mid-range smartphones. Nokia 6.1 and Nokia 7.1 are not available for sale. This “hole” has appeared due to the transfer of the announcement of Nokia 6.2

After this latest certification, Russia might be the first market to see Nokia 5.2/6.2 (a mid-range Nokia smartphones).

Previous leaks :

Just a week ago we saw leaked images of Nokia Daredevil (5.2/6.2). We still don’t have the exact launch date for these new devices. But the leaked images of Daredevil have revealed some of its major specs. It will be coming with triple rear cameras, waterdrop notch design, Snapdragon 660 SoC & 3500 mAh battery. You can read more about it here.

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Via : NPU

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