Unknown Nokia Phones TA-1177 & TA-1174 certified in China

Image showing logo of HMD Global

Two new unknown Nokia phones are now certified by CCC in China. These new phones includes Nokia TA-1177 & TA-1174. Before this, the Nokia TA-1174 had already certified in Russia. Now, after passing CCC (China Compulsory Certificate) it looks like these new phones are almost ready for Chinese market.

Is this Certification reveals some details ?

Yes, but not much. As per this new CCC certification TA-1177 is an LTE device. While Nokia TA-1174 is an GSM device. So, we can say TA-1177 is a new Nokia smartphone & TA-1174 might be a feature phone. Apart from this the specs & features of these devices are still unknown.

You can checkout the below certification documents for more details (Unfortunately images doesn’t have a enough good quality) :

Image showing Nokia TA-1177
Image showing Nokia TA-1174

The TA-1177 could be one of the variants of 5.2 OR 6.2. The Nokia 5.2 & 6.2 are the upcoming midrange smartphones expected to come with Punch-Hole-Display. Currently Nokia X71 is the only Nokia device in China with such a amazing display design. It’s also available in Taiwan.

We’ll update this article very soon with more exact details.

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