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Image : Nokia TVC featuring bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra
Image : Nokia TVC featuring Priyanka Chopra
(Bollywood actress & former Miss World)

If you are connected with the Nokia brand from more than a decade then you might remember some of the old Nokia TVC ads filled with full of nostagia, emotions & fun. All of the old campaigns for which today we’re talking about were especially created for customers in India & that’s the reason they are in the Hindi language. But we tried our best to explain the story of each ad in the English. Are you excited ?

So, let’s start with one by one but please note that the order of these ads isn’t by years but we have assigned them by keeping in mind that how much the ad was capable to win Nokia users hearts.

10] Nokia 1100

Announced back in 2003 this basic Nokia feature phone created a world record by selling 250 millions of units all over the world. In India, this was the first mobile phone to enter into their homes for thousands of peoples (Including my Dad). Did you know what’s was the marketing strategy of Nokia for this best selling phone ? Check out this Nokia TVC :


Punchline : Nokia 1100, Made for India.

Story : Featuring a well known Bollywood actor Rajpal Yadav, this Nokia TVC revolves around the daily routine life of an truck driver. It focuses on some of the key features of Nokia 1100 (which were considered decent at that time) like the device is dust resistant, having torchlight & anti slip grip.

9] Nokia Xpress Music

Released in 2007 this is one of the most energetic Nokia TVC ads, made to promote Nokia 5700 & Nokia 5310. Both of these devices were launched with Nokia Xpress Music & were pretty much popular among the youngsters, have you seen this ad before ? Take a look :


Punchline : Do The Music.

Story : A young college student enters in the hostel building, takes out his Nokia phone & keeps it on music mode. After that everyone starts enjoying by dancing with a lot of energy. The purpose of this advertisement was to show, your Nokia phone with Xpress Music can give you upto 18 hours of music playback.

8] Nokia 3110 Classic

This wasn’t a smartphone but it had capabilities to capture a photo with its 1.3 MP primary camera (In 2020 it might sounds funny to talk about these things but just remember that we’re talking about a phone which was introduced back in 2007). This was a multimedia phone with just a 1.8″ TFT display & Java support for some popular applications (then). Anyway this Nokia TVC is full of fun :


Punchline : Ab jo hoga, zoom karke dekha jayega (Now whatever happens, will be seen by zooming).

Story : It starts with a young guy waiting for his girlfriend along with a bunch of flowers in one hand & his mobile phone in another. Before his girlfriend arrives meanwhile a goat (Bakra in India) comes from his backside & starts to eat his flowers. After few seconds a beautiful girl comes to meet this guy & then he realises what the goat is doing with his flowers. At the same time somebody comes & captures this situation with his Nokia 3110 Classic which comes with the 8X Mega Zoom.

7] Nokia 5233

This Nokia TVC was released in 2010 to promote one of the most popular (then) Symbian OS powered smartphone which was launched with a big screen (Just like a long bar of chocolate). This was a dream phone for many but at the same time Android & iOS we’re arrived in the market & both were giving a tough competition to Nokia. Check out this TVC of around 1 minute duration :


Punchline : Ab dil ki baat ek touch se sunao (Now tell what’s in your heart with just a one touch).

Story : It features Bollywood actor Sharman Joshi and actress Adah Sharma. This commercial was fully focused on to show how you can use this smartphone to enjoy your favourite music with its resistive touchscreen. Whatever be the situation between you and your girlfriend, this advertisement shows you a perfect song.

6] Nokia 2690

This was a multimedia mobile phone with camera & internet connectivity. It was released in 2010. The Nokia TVC made to promote this device was so creative & funny one. Here’s a 41 seconds commercial which is almost a decade old :


Punchline : Nokia, dikhao apna standard (Nokia, show your standard)

Story : A college student walks through streets & suddenly a son of rich man from village comes in his car, tries to flirt with her by taking some pictures of her (in his cheap phone) without any permission. But he fails to capture even a single picture due to “memory full error” & then a young guy comes with his Nokia 2690 where he shows how his phone comes with upto 8GB memory support.

Here’s a similar one Nokia TVC which features the same actors but with a different Nokia phone & that’s Nokia C1-01 :


5] Nokia Asha 305

If we talk about the year 2012 then it was a hard time for Nokia with its Windows Phone OS powered Lumia smartphones series. But at the same time Nokia Asha series was a part of millions of people’s life who can’t afford a smartphone but wanted to move forward from their feature phones. The Nokia Asha 305 was a series 40 OS powered mobile phone with 3″ resistive touchscreen. Take a look at the super funny TVC made to promote this Nokia phone :


Punchline : Ab sabka style free style (Now everyone’s style, free style)

Story : It shows student’s daily life in college canteen. A rude guy comes with his friends & asks a good student to immediately make the table free for him. Then someone with his Nokia Asha 305 downloads few popular hindi songs in just minutes to teach a lesson to that rude student by playing a song one by one. The exact purpose of this Nokia TVC was to show everyone can download a song in just a minute with this new device.

4] Nokia TVC featuring SRK

This was the time when Nokia brand was shining in the Indian mobile phones industry with around 70 percent market share. Yes, it was the late 2007 when Nokia appointed Bollywood King & Superstar actor Shah Rukh Khan (popularly known as SRK) as the brand ambassador for company. Did you remember this Nokia TVC ? Let’s have a look :


Punchline : 10 saal se mera sathi, mera vishwas. Hamara Nokia. (My companion for 10 years. My belief, Our Nokia).

Story : This ad begins with SRK picking up a phone call. During the call he walks around his home & opens a door of a room saying, “Kuch khas baate sabse pehle kuch khas hi jaante hai” (Some special moments are first shared with only few special people). Then further he looks at his son & says, “..Jaise zindagi mein nayi zindagi ka aana” (.. like when a new life enters your life). This Nokia TVC shows how the brand is a part of everyone’s daily life by participating in their good & hard times.

3] Nokia 7610 Supernova

This was a multimedia phone with slider mechanism between its screen & keyboard. In 2008, Nokia released a TVC for this device featuring a popular Bollywood actress & former Miss World Priyanka Chopra. Just like today’s (2020) affordable flagship phones this Nokia 7610 Supernova was considered just after some high-end Symbian smartphones. The ad made to promote this phone is filled full with inspiring thoughts :


Punchline : Ye sirf ek phone nahi, ye hamari pehchan hai (It’s not just a phone, it’s our identity).

Story : “Kabhi Jagna hai, kabhi sona hai. Kabhi waqt se piche, kabhi waqt se aage” (Sometimes you have to wake up, sometimes you have to sleep. Sometimes behind time, sometimes ahead of time) these are the lines this Nokia TVC starts with. Further more the actress says, “Pyar bhi hai, takraar bhi hai. Kabhi mushkil, kabhi aasan bhi hai” (There is love as well as wrangling. Sometimes difficult, sometimes easy). It shows that the life is full of ups & downs but it still goes on.

2] Diwali Campaign

In September 2017, HMD Global came up with an emotional Nokia TVC on the occasion of Diwali festival (biggest festival in India). What’s most interesting about this ad campaign is, it retains the brand value of Nokia because it encourages you to stay away from your phone (on special occasions) & make your family relations even more stronger by spending your time with them (It may remind you Nokia’s old tagline “Connecting people”) :


Punchline : Unite for Love

Story : “Har waqt phone pe..sab kuch hai eske paas, bas time nahi hai” (Every time busy on the phone..he has everything, except time) this is the statement from a mother which shows her concern over busyness of her young son. After some time she gets a gift which includes her son’s Nokia smartphone. Later she asks him that the phone is yours & he replies emotionally that “..aaj ke liye ye phone apka, aur mein bhi” (for today this phone is yours, and me too).

1] Coming Soon, Nokia

It was the time of June 2017 when everyone was thinking that the Nokia brand is completely dead. But tech enthusiasts & Nokia fans were very well aware that HMD Global is bringing back Nokia phones once again in the mobile industry (Nokia 3, 5 & 6 were already announced in February 2017 at MWC’17). Nokia brand was missing from the Indian Mobile Industry for more than 3 years & surprisingly everyone saw advertisements of the brand running on national television channels. Here are those ads :


Punchline : Coming Soon

Story : At the beginning of this Nokia TVC, you see a blank screen in blue color. Then suddenly you hear a Nokia tune in the background & “Coming Soon” mentioned text appears on the centre of your TV screen. At the end you see a Nokia logo. Even if this ad just counts 10 seconds duration it was a very emotional moment to see our favourite brand on the national television after a long break.

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