Super-User program announced for Nokia community members | Beta

Image: HMD Global logo

HMDLaura (Administrator, Nokia phones community) has recently (March 12th) made an annoucement of Super-User program for Nokia phones community members. This program is currently in beta testing which means there is a space for a lot of or few changes/improvements in future.

What’s Super-User program for Nokia community members ?

Super-users will have moderation rights (to some extent) which means they will help Nokia Mobile to keep the community tidy and clean by merging, moving & deleting threads & comments (of course bad ones). After every 6 months users can nominate other users to become Super-User and after that Community team will decide some well deserving Super-users.

How to become a Super-User ?

Here’s what HMDLaura has to say about this :

“Super-Users need to be trusted members of the community. A good amount of content and helpful answers and comments for other community users will raise your trust in the community. After that other community members can nominate you as a Super-User as soon as we are opening the “application” round again.”  

Currently there are following four Super-users on the community : @singhnsk, @madbilly, @Lazysince1995 & @Kartik Gada.

For more details you can visit here.

Stay tuned for further updates 🙂