Rumor : Nokia smartphone with a foldable display is ready | Will HMD release it ?

Image showing smartphone with a foldable display by Samsung
Photo : Samsung Galaxy Fold

Last year we’ve seen smartphones with a foldable display technology announced by some reputed brands in the mobile phone industry and the above photo is one of the example of that. Now we’re in 2020 and as per the latest info coming from Russia’s trusted Nokia community Nokia Anew, Nokia smartphone with a foldable display is ready for the announcement. That’s a bit surprising because at the moment no one was expecting such device from HMD.

You can check out the below tweet by Nokia Anew for more details :

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But the real question is, will HMD release this phone or cancel it ? Because releasing such device will be financially a huge risk for HMD. Also it will be very costly for consumers to purchase it. Let’s take an example of Samsung’s Galaxy Fold which costs more than $2000 USD. They announced it in February 2019 & just after two months it was in controversy. Because as per reports from some early reviewers of Galaxy Fold their devices broke after just a few days of use.

After this controversy Samsung delayed the launch of Galaxy fold & finally it became available for purchase in September 2019. As per some reports Samsung has officially confirmed that they managed to sell over 400000 units of Galaxy Fold until the end of 2019. That numbers are respectable but obviously not great as compared to other models of their own.

Why HMD may cancel/delay Nokia smartphone with a foldable display :

Generally we never talk about other brands as this blog is dedicated for Nokia news updates. But just think about the controversy happened with the Galaxy Fold in its initial days & what would have happened if unfortunately HMD had to face such things. HMD Global is still a start-up. At this stage they can not take big risks. So, this could be reason if HMD cancels this new device. However they may launch it after testing for few months.

What do you think guys ? Should HMD launch Nokia smartphone with a foldable display ? Tell us in the comments section !

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