Rumor : HMD to announce Nokia 7.3, Nokia 6.3 & Nokia 2.4 at IFA2020

Image : Nokia 6.3 Concept
Image : Nokia 6.3 Concept

IFA2020 is scheduled for September 2020 and as per the latest info shared by Nokia Anew (Russian Nokia community) Nokia 7.3, Nokia 6.3 & Nokia 2.4 are ready for the announcement at the same event. Last year HMD revealed Nokia 7.2 (mid-range Android smartphone), Nokia 6.2 (mid-range Android smartphone), Nokia 800 Tough (premium feature phone), Nokia 2720 Flip (successor to feature phone from the past) & Nokia 110 (again feature phone) at IFA2019.

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You can expect at least one feature phone at this year’s IFA but for now we’re waiting for its leaks to be revealed. While if we discuss about the upcoming Nokia smartphones then Nokia 7.3 will be a mid-range smartphone (successor to current Nokia 7.2), Nokia 6.3 will be an entry level mid-range smartphone (successor to current Nokia 6.2) & Nokia 2.4 will be a budget Android smartphone (successor to current Nokia 2.3).

Stay tuned for more exact details 🙂


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