Rumor : HMD is becoming a truly European company | New strategy ?

Image showing HMD Global logo

As per a trusted Nokia community from Russia, HMD Global is becoming a truly European company. If we believe on the info shared by Nokia Anew then HMD has decided to concentrate all of its capacity in Europe. Until now China was the no.1 market for the company but now everything has changed. This is a great news as no one wants HMD to make Nokia branded smartphones similar to devices from Chinese brands. Nokia smartphones must have some unique designs for which company is known for. Here’s a tweet from Nokia Anew :

While answering to a question from Indian user, Nokia Anew also shared that company’s focus in India is to provide maximum performance for a low price. But unfortunately not a design & experience.

Further more they have also shared that the Nokia smartphones in China will get updates (Android 10). But there is no exact information about that as the European team needs time :

Changing strategy is a good decision in order to grow a company in right way. At the moment we don’t know what HMD has exactly decided to do in other markets. Especially we’re concerned about the Indian market. Less than 1 month is left for the MWC2020 so, we have to wait to see what devices HMD will introduce there. It’s ok if they want to focus first on Europe but those upcoming devices should also launch in India as soon as possible.

As HMD is becoming a truly European company, Good luck to them from us !

Stay tuned for more new updates 🙂

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