Rumor : Foldable Nokia Smartphone is still alive | Will HMD release it ?

Image showing HMD Global logo

This is not the first time when we’re hearing about the Nokia Smartphone with Foldable Display. At first we heard about it in the month of January (2020) where it was claimed that the device is ready for announcement. Later in the month of February (2020) we heard from HMD’s principal designer Miika Mahonen (while answering to foldable smartphone related question) that the company is doing a lot of future concepts. Now, as per the latest information shared by a well known Russian Nokia community Nokia Anew, the Foldable Nokia Smartphone is still alive.

But the real question is, Will HMD release it ? To be frank, I think if HMD releases this phone in the near future then it could see a great success in the US & Europe but in the Asian countries it will be very expensive (may be more than Rs.1 lakh INR) and that would be a biggest problem for HMD as these are price sensitive markers. Let’s wait for its leaks & renders which will give us an idea about the exact design & specs of the phone.

What are your thoughts on the Foldable Nokia Smartphone ? Tell us in the comments section below.

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