Oppo’s Reno series comes with Nokia OZO Audio | Why OZO isn’t exclusive for Nokia Phones ?

Image showing Oppo's Reno Series
Oppo’s Reno Series

Recently Nokia Technologies has confirmed via press release that Oppo’s latest flagships Reno series comes with Nokia OZO Audio Technology. Take a look at the short paragraph taken from the press release :

Espoo, Finland – As Nokia announced on 25 April, OPPO’s latest flagship, OPPO Reno 10x Zoom will be shipped with OZO Audio capture capabilities integrated in the device. The Reno 10x Zoom Edition will come with Audio 3D and Audio Zoom features built in, allowing users to capture the full richness of life.
OZO Audio is an industry-leading product portfolio, created and licensed by Nokia, that enables true-to-life sound through innovative features and for users to capture and edit device audio with greater accuracy and precision.

The very first smartphone announced with Nokia’s OZO Audio technology was Nokia 8. Later the same technology is provided in the Nokia 6.1, 7 Plus, 8.1 etc. Now it’s a great thing that other smartphone manufacturers (Take Oppo) are interesting in using Nokia’s OZO technology in their smartphones. But one question pops-up in the minds of every Nokia fans which we have discussed below.

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Why OZO isn’t exclusive for Nokia Phones ?

Obviously as being a Nokia fans we expect this technology to be exclusively used only in the Nokia Android smartphones. Currently HMD Global is having the exclusive license to design/manufacture the Nokia Android smartphones & Tablets.

Now, Russian Nokia community Nokia Anew commented on this topic. As per Nokia Anew, Nokia Technologies Demanded too much money from HMD to keep OZO Audio technology exclusive for Nokia smartphones. But unfortunately HMD refused this demand. Take a look at the below Tweet by Nokia Anew :

We don’t know the above claim by Nokia Anew is the truth or not. But if it’s true then this is really very sad.

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