2 years of Nokiafanss.in | Glimpse of our Journey

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Hello Friends, firstly Happy Independence Day to everyone in India. Exactly 2 years ago we started our journey of Nokiafanss.in with the slogan “Connecting Nokia’s Fans”. So, technically you can call it our 2nd birthday but for us August 15, 2020 is the rebirth of our site. It’s because if you’re reading this article without any connectivity issues then it means our website is finally live almost after 10 days of downtime.

Today in this special article we aren’t going to share everything (what went wrong with us) but for sure you’ll get a small glimpse of our journey. All the data we mentioned below is directly taken from Google Analytics.

Nokia fans we connected:

Since our first day we have successfully connected with over 4,75,000+ fans.

Countries we reached:

Image : Nokiafanss.in total countries | 2 years Nokiafanss.in

At first we were focused only on India but slowly slowly we got the love from Nokia fans over 204 countries & that’s why above graph is filled with blue color all around the globe.

Top 10 Countries:

As we expected India is at the no.1. After that we’re not sure about the no.2 (Google Analytics error) but United States is at the no.3 & Indonesia is at the no.4 followed by Pakistan. In the list of top 10 numbers Nokia fans from other countries like Bangladesh, Philippines, United Arab Emirates (UAE), United Kingdom & Nigeria are also coming on our website in a respectable numbers.

Your Age:

Image : Nokiafanss.in users age

Most of you are youngsters of between 25-34 years of age (more than 50%) followed by 18-24 (around 30%). In addition to this, those who are between 45-54 & 55-64 are also connected with us in a good numbers. We think there is an opportunity for us to connect with those who are more than 65 years of old but we’re still happy that at least 1-2% of fans are dominating our site from that age.

In last 2 years of Nokiafanss.in, we did our best to give you the latest news updates related to your Nokia phone. But these days we all are going through a very hard time due to global outbreak of Covid-19 situation. We’re also working on some of our other projects too but still dedicated to provide you each & every Nokia related news update.

Hopefully this situation will get back to normal in the coming days. Thank you very much for the love & trust you have shown in us.

Stay safe & stay tuned for more updates 🙂

– Team Nokiafanss.

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