Nokia Mobile’s Global Vice President Ajey Mehta is leaving company | Here’s why

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Months after months it looks like HMD Global aka Nokia Mobile is losing talented & well experienced top level executives. Nokia Mobile’s Global Vice President Ajey Mehta who was responsible for Corporate Business DevelopmentĀ is now leaving company. Last month we reported that Pranav Shroff (Head of Global Portfolio at Nokia Mobile) is also no longer connected with the maker (or licensee) of Nokia phones. These are definitely not the signs of good organization. Ajey Mehta is known for one of the key members who founded HMD Global with some Ex-Nokia employees.

Why Nokia Mobile’s Ajey Mehta is leaving company?

Until now Mehta was connected with the Nokia brand for around 16 years. Then why such a experienced top level executive is leaving company? The exact reason is, he has started his own startup named iKiva which will provide some innovative solutions in Healthcare Services:

Mehta did posted about his overall journey with the Nokia phones on LinkedIn. Check it out:

Nokia Mobile is struggling for it’s dominance in the global smartphone industry since last 4 years. In such a bad situations if good & talented Ex-Nokia employees decides to leave company then the brand will only left with the new ones. Anyway, we wish Ajey Mehta an exciting journey ahead for his new stratup !

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