Nokia AVA 5G Cognitive Operations officially launched | Check details

Image : Nokia logo

Today (March 31st) Nokia has announced the launch of a complete AI as a service offering : Nokia AVA 5G Cognitive Operations. The framework and its underlying AI-based solutions enable CSPs (communication service providers) to transform their network, service and business operations through the application of AI, automation and cloud scalability. The solution will provide CSPs with insights to assist with slice creation and assurance to meet committed SLAs.

What is it ?

Nokia AVA 5G Cognitive Operations is a complete AI as a service offering, combining data science, machine learning as well as telco and cloud expertise to bring AI to life. It anticipates network and service failures with a high level of precision and accuracy up to seven days in advance. If failures arise, Nokia 5G Cognitive Operations can solve them up to 50 percent faster and accurately assess the impact on customers and services.

Don Alusha (Senior Analyst at ABI Research) said :

“AI and 5G network slicing will be fundamental for new value creation in the industry, particularly for enterprise verticals that need reliable, low-latency communication networks to support their business operations.  Nokia AVA and Microsoft Azure capabilities present CSPs with an option to obtain the ‘intelligence’ they need to monitor and maintain their networks in a bid to ensure compliance with strict SLAs in an elegant and consistent fashion.”

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Dennis Lorenzin (Head of Network Cognitive Service unit, Nokia) said :

“Operators face a perfect storm of rising traffic and consumer expectations, so it is crucial to be able to predict and prevent service degradations at an earlier stage, while solving issues that arise significantly faster. Nokia AVA 5G Cognitive Operations enables CSPs to operate and assure latency for 5G use cases through AI, ultimately delivering an enhanced customer experience for consumers and enterprises.”

For more detailed analysis you can check out the complete official press release here.

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