Nokia announced deployment of IAA’s next generation air traffic control network

Nokia has today (March 11th) announced successful deployment of the Irish Aviation Authority’s (IAA) next-generation air traffic control network at its new West Ireland disaster recovery center. As part of the deal, Nokia supplied its IP/MPLS networking products, which have been specifically designed for this level of mission-critical application.

Jochen Apel (Head of Global Transportation, Nokia) said :

“From the initial proof-of-concept through to the final deployment and launch of the new network, we have been impressed and pleased to work closely with the IAA on this highly-critical application. Working side-by-side with its team, we ensured that the new IP/MPLS network seamlessly migrated all of its legacy applications and supported the new applications with the highest standards of reliability.”

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Billy Hann (Director of ATM Operations and Strategy for the IAA, said) : 

“Given our responsibility to ensure the smooth operation of the North Atlantic airspace, it has been crucial that Nokia earn our trust. The quality and reliability of its technology and the thoroughness and collaborative approach of its teams has been first class throughout the entire migration process. We are very pleased and confident in the performance of the new network.”

To know more about the deployment of IIA’s next generation air traffic control network by Nokia we suggest you read complete press release here.

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