Nokia 9 PureView disassembly video shows it’s major components

Image showing Nokia 9 PureView
Nokia 9 PureView

Nokia 9 PureView disassembly video is now available for those who are willing to see its internal parts. Until now you may have seen some unboxing & hands on videos of this most anticipated flagship. But , did you know how HMD assembled this world’s first 5 camera smartphone ? Most probably your answer could be not yet & we have an interesting video for you..!

Recently the channel named pwrdbykyank uploaded the Nokia 9 PureView disassembly video on his YouTube channel. The video is almost 15 minutes long so watch it fully when you have some free time. Let me tell you what’s in this video , At first he begins with removing the back cover of the Nokia 9 & later he disassebles the whole device step by step from it’s 5 cameras to battery. After completing the disassembly he also re-assembles the Nokia 9 & boot up.

Checkout the Nokia 9 PureView Disassembly Video :

Nokia 9 PureView is the world’s first smartphone featuring a 5 camera array system with Zeiss Optics. You read more about it by clicking here

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