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Image showing teader image of Nokia 6.2 (expected name)

Update : Unfortunately we didn’t saw Nokia 6.2 at the June 6 launch event in India. Instead of Nokia 6.2 HMD has announced Nokia 2.2 with Selfie notch. You can read more about it by clicking here

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Just before Nokia’s June 6 launch event, price of Nokia 6.2 is now leaked in India. First spotted by Nokiamob, Nokia Mobile India’s advertisement compaign for Nokia 6.2 is leaked on Google search. The ad compaign confirms the Nokia 6.2 with 4GB RAM will be priced at Rs.18,999 INR (around $273 USD). See below screenshot for more details :

Image showing Nokia 6.2 price in India in a leaked Google search ad

Even after trying for many times we failed to find the above ad on Google search. You can try searching on Google for the same, if you’re very much excited. We still have to wait until June 6, for the actual official price of Nokia 6.2.

Meanwhile, Nokia Mobile India has published the third teaser on Twitter for the same event. In the latest teaser they’re showing the dedicated Google Assistant button of a new Nokia smartphone (as expected Nokia 6.2). Checkout the teaser below :

You can also take a look at some previous teasers posted by Nokia Mobile India with #GetAhead

What do you think about the leaked price of Nokia 6.2 in India ? Is it competitive ? Let us know. Our comments section is always open for you.

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1 thought on “Nokia 6.2 price leaked in India ahead of launch | #GetAhead”

  1. Safiquddin Khan

    I think the price shouldn’t be more than 16K.Beacuse in India 13-16K is strong market.If Nokia 6.2 come @15-16K it will be great Value for money.

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