Nokia 5 (2017) getting May 2019 security patch update

Image showing Nokia 5 (2017)
Nokia 5 (2017)

Nokia 5 (2017) users are now getting May 2019 security patch update. The latest update is around 95 MB in size. It only mentions the security patch for the month of May. You can refer the screenshot below for more details :

Image showing the screenshot of Nokia 5 May 2019 security patch update
Nokia 5 May 2019 security update

Availability :

We can confirm the above update is available for download in India. For users outside India, we recommend to checkout the system update manually in your phone.

Until now, May security patch is available for below Nokia smartphones :

It looks like now HMD is working faster in terms of security updates. We’re just hoping the same update for remaining Nokia smartphones before the end of this month. Sometimes it takes time but atleast HMD is providing the updates. After all who cares for the phone which was launched more than 2 years ago. But HMD is committed to their 3 years security updates for Nokia smartphones. They are doing really well comapared to other players from the smartphone industry.

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Thanks to Shubham for the tip/screenshot !

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