Nokia 1 now getting April security patch update | List of markets

Image showing Nokia 1

Nokia 1 now getting April security patch update. The latest update is around 68 MB in size & only mentions the security patch for the month of April. Based on the screenshots we received from our readers we can confirm this update is available for download in India & Iran.

Checkout the below screenshots for more details about this new update :

Image showing Nokia 1 update in India
Nokia 1 April security update in India
Nokia 1 update in Iran

If you are a resident outside of above two countries then checkout the system update in your Nokia 1 & let us know if it’s available in your country.

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There are some users who are still waiting for the march security update to come in their Nokia 5 & 6 but we don’t know why it’s not released yet. Anyway, it’s surprising to see an entry level Nokia smartphone is getting April security update before flagship devices from competitors.

Thanks to Udaykumar & Emran for the tip/screenshot !

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