My Phone App by Nokia Mobile is now installed on over 50 million phones

Image showing My Phone App by Nokia Mobile on Google Play Store

As per the information mentioned on Google Play Store, My Phone App by Nokia Mobile (Previously Support App) is now installed on more than 50 million smartphones. When you search for this App on Google Play Store you can see this App has crossed more than 50 million downloads. One more interesting thing about this My Phone App is, it can be only installed on Nokia smartphones. You can try searching for it from other brands phones where either you will not be able to find it or you will see an error showing. “Your device isn’t compatible with this version”. Let’s take a look at the below screenshot taken from one of the Nokia’s Android Smartphone :

Image showing My Phone App's about section on Google Play Store
My Phone App by Nokia on Google Play Store
(About phone section showing over 50 million downloads)

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Until now HMD never made an announcement for the total Nokia smartphones shipments from the brands come back in mobile industry. If you remember at MWC 2018 company announced that they have shipped over 70 million Nokia phones. These 70 million devices includes smart+feature phones but the exact numbers for the shipments for smartphones wasn’t disclosed. However you can calculate the approximate numbers by checking out articles published by various market intelligence providers but what about the official numbers ?

Currently we can only find out that by checking the numbers of My Phone App installations because this App comes pre-installed in all Nokia smartphones.

About App

With Nokia Mobile My Phone App you can :

  • Get involved with the Nokia phones community
  • Discover apps recommended for you
  • Contact support easily with live chat
  • Check battery health and phone stats at a glance with the device monitor
  • Get quick answers to frequently asked questions
  • Check out the user guide for your phone and find out how to make the most of your Nokia Android smartphone
  • Find your nearest Nokia Mobile Care center
  • Check up on the status of your warranty

You can check this App on Google Play Store by clicking here.

We know that currently HMD Global is struggling to find out a space between top market leaders but shipping over 50 million smartphones isn’t a small number. As a Nokia fan what are your thought on this ? Tell us in the comments section below.

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