Must watch : Nokia 9.3 PureView concept shows Lumia like design

Image : Nokia 9.3 PureView concept

If HMD Global decides to bring back Lumia’s design then how it could look like ? Check out this new Nokia 9.3 PureView concept video designed by Concept Creator :

Nokia 9.3 PureView Concept

Today we aren’t going to talk about the Nokia 9.3’s specs (if you’re interested about specifications then visit here) but just look at the very attractive design shown in the above video. Over the last three years we’re eagerly waiting to see new Nokia Android smartphones with Lumia like fabula design. But we don’t know why HMD isn’t planning to bring back those beautiful designs. If company decides to relaunch Nokia phones with fabula design that would be a great decision.

We hope they will take some inspiration from such videos & will plan something cool in the coming months.

Stay tuned with us for more news updates 🙂


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