Is this why HMD isn’t bringing back Lumia design in Nokia smartphones ?

Image : Nokia 9.3 PureView concept
Nokia 9.3 PureView Concept with Lumia like design
(Source : Concept Creator)

Have you ever wondered why HMD isn’t bringing back Lumia type design in new Nokia smartphones ? Almost every Nokia fan have a similar question like this. But now it looks like we found an answer for this popular question. Recently we reported that Concept Creator has made a Nokia 9.3 PureView concept which shows a design very familiar with Nokia Lumia smartphones from the past. Russian Nokia community Nokia Anew has shared an interesting news update while replying to the Concept Creator. As per their information, “There is an opinion in HMD that they shouldn’t use the Lumia design, as many people still think that Nokia smartphones run on Windows Phone while this OS has a bad reputation.”

Do you think is this a valid reason ? In my own opinion HMD should at least release 1-2 devices with Lumia like design so that company can see how much peoples are still eagerly waiting for that design. What are your thoughts ? Tell us in the comments section below.


29 thoughts on “Is this why HMD isn’t bringing back Lumia design in Nokia smartphones ?”

  1. I desperately wait for Lumia design phone with android os.. I will pay any amount to buy this…

      1. Lumia design was not bad. I am still using Lumia 1020. Since Nokia has brought back some old models, which has been welcomed by Nokia fans and others as well, I am 9f the opinion that Nokia should at least try with Lumia design for one of its mid- range phones.

      2. Dr Giriraj T Kulkarni

        Nokia should incorporate the Lumia design. Many like me are waiting for it.

    1. I think Lumia design could be game changing, people looking for different designs can’t keep their hands off of it for sure

  2. HMD in recent years launched many mobiles which turned out to be duds. Instead of launching unthinkable failures like 3.1plus, 4.1 etc or launching capable mobiles at wrong prices, launching a lumia like design is a must to get the desired attention. We must not forget that lumia devices are one of the most sturdy and good looking devices of their times. A budget mobile with polycarbonate build vs premium plastic mobiles… HMD have been successful in disappointing nokia fans by launching many incapable devices… Time to rethink HMD..

    1. I agree with your opinion that Lumia devices are one of the most sturdy and good looking devices of their times.

  3. Lumia design is the superb design n m fan of this design, Windows OS, is the not totally worst is but that bad marketing policy n bad roumers is happening to fall in down that time but Nokia is Nokia now u should take this design is super popular Now a market u know that plz lumia design is definitely popular plz take this design for Nokia plz we r waiting for thos era plz m super fan of Nokia 🙏👍🤝

  4. People who are not following Nokia will definitely assume Nokia is still manufacturing Windows Phones if the see Lumia design but who doesn’t follow Nokia they doesn’t follow Nokia phones and won’t have any plans to buy to Nokia phones. So they are not Nokia’s potential customers and Nokia should stop worrying about them and should bring unique awesome Lumia design back with Nokia 9.3 PureView which will surely catch so many eyes and brings back so many fans back to the base.

  5. Yes,I think hmd should not repeat lumia design they should use something new different from these days .lumia design was unique at that time and unique design is Nokia’s philosophy so they should introduce new design language

  6. I have nokia lumia 730 which is still an awsone phone even though there is no updates. Windows os is smooth too. I just dont know why it failed. But yes definitely pureview design is great.

    1. Windows major problem was interface or wat u call Ui.. It tile look was not for everyone also major apps where missing from its play store..

  7. Y nokia dropped dolby atmos nd sterio surround sound? Not nessary? Cant afford? Or stupid ignorant?? Thats y i dont bye nokia. Im quality sound freak, nd i missed MIX RADIO. music app. Of Nokia. Tell them to correct mistek. If they want old no 1place.

  8. Md Aashiq Khan

    I strongly recommend hmd to bring Lumia design in Nokia smartphone, me and lots of people are eagerly waiting for this

  9. People at HMD global know Shit about Lumia and it’s reputation.. a phone with 48 MP preview camera and that sexy design with atleast 6-8 GB RAM can be a benchmark and they’re worried about Lumia’s reputation.. do you think we consumers are shitheads that we won’t be able to distinguish between a Windows OS and Android OS? Bunch of Morons..

  10. Subhankar Sarkar

    I also think that , Nokia should use some Lumia design because we all like the design,, and plz don’t use glass back on mid- ranges phones,, use back like 7+ for mid-range devices, its just a suggestion from a nokia lover . Thank you

  11. I loved Nokia Lumia 920, 925. Those designs were treat for the eyes. I thought HMD would continue with the same design language. However, they went the other way. The new Nokia phones, in my opinion, look good (especially Nokia 8, 8 Sirocco), but they lack the character that old Lumia phones used to have. Specially, I miss the clearblack screen tech. I hope HMD will hear us someday.

  12. जी हां Nokia कंपनी को 1 या 2 मोबाइल फोन लूमिया डिज़ाइन के निकालने चाहिए जिससे उनको पता चल सके कि जनता Nokia Lumia डिज़ाइन को कितना पसंद करती है ओर कितना प्यार है जनता को लूमिया का डिज़ाइन बहुत अच्छा था ओर बहुत कंफर्टेबल होते थे वो फोन चलाने में ओर साथ ही एक प्रीमियम फील आटा था लूमिया डिज़ाइन को यूज करने में में रिक्वेस्ट करूंगा Nokia से प्लीज 1 या 2 फोन लूमिया डिज़ाइन के लॉन्च किए जाए ओर ही OS से कोई फर्क नहीं पड़ता जब आप जनता को बताएंगे कि इसमें एंड्रॉयड 10 है ओर 2 साला तक आपको इसके नए अपडेट मिलेगे तो सब विश्वास करने ओर हम जानते ही है कि Nokia World No 1 company है सिक्योरिटी पैच अपडेट ओर एंड्राइड अपडेट देने के लिए ओर अब तो Nokia world Top 5 Company की लिस्ट में शामिल हो गई है । इस लिस्ट में कंपनी को उसकी ब्रांड वैल्यू ओर बिक्री के आधार पर शामिल किया है ओर ये हमारे की बहुत गर्व की बात है । क्युकी Nokia ही इंडिया की पहली मोबाइल कंपनी है ।

  13. I am very desperately waiting for Lumia type design. I wanted buy nokia phones and a very big fan of it but none of nokia mobile attract me then this concept design. If they release phone like this I will buy just in month.

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