Is call recording feature now available for Nokia 6.1 Plus users ?

Image : Nokia 6.1 Plus

It looks like call recording feature is now available for Nokia 6.1 Plus users. Previously it was available for select Nokia smartphones but now as per the screenshot shared by Twitter user, the mentioned feature is available in his Nokia 6.1 Plus.

How to activate call recording feature in your Nokia 6.1 Plus ?

Please note, since the feature is currently in beta some of you may not get it. But you can give a try by following below steps :

1] Open your “Phone” App in the Google Play Store.

2] Click on “Join the beta”.

3] Wait for few minutes until you become beta tester & then after update your App.

4] Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > App info > Phone > Storage & cache > Clear cache.

5] Click on “Force stop”.

6] In the App permissions open “storage”.

7] Click on “Allow”.

8] Restart your phone. Make a call & finally you’ll be able to see “record” option. Just click on that.

Are you getting it in your Nokia 6.1 Plus or not ? Let us know that in the comments section below.

Thanks to deep for the tip. Stay tuned 🙂


8 thoughts on “Is call recording feature now available for Nokia 6.1 Plus users ?”

    1. Oh..if you have followed all steps mentioned in the article then you may get the feature automatically in the next few hours. Same happened when we tried with Nokia 7.1

  1. I performed all steps.
    But nothing changed..
    Recording feature not available.

    1. Really ? Many of our readers have confirmed to us that they are getting the mentioned feature in their Nokia 6.1 Plus.

  2. Yalamanda Reddy

    I’m getting that Record button, but it is not recording anything. It’s not an action button, it’s a dummy button….

    1. Hi Yalamanda, you can actually record phone calls with that “record” button. What you have to do is just go to your call history & you will see an option to hear recorded call when you click on the related number.

  3. Tried all these steps on nokia 6.1 plus.
    Joined the beta..but still don,t see any record button
    even after 12 hrs of joining beta.

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