Interesting: This is cancelled Nokia N95 Revival with sliding mechanism

Nokia N95 Revival

Nokia N95 with dual sliding mechanism was one of the most popular devices released back in 2007 when Nokia was leading the mobile phone industry. Now since late 2016, everyone knows that all new Nokia smartphones & feature phones are designed by HMD Global (as being exclusive licensee for the brand). In the feature phones segment, they are doing really great things by introducing Nokia 3310 (2017) to Nokia 5310 (2020) like devices which are the remakes for original Nokia phones from the past.

Do you think we need a Nokia N95 revival in 2020 with a sliding mechanism?

Image: Original Nokia N95
Image: Original Nokia N95
(Source: Michael Fisher)

Here we’re talking about smartphones and to be frank, almost all Nokia fans have to accept the reality that HMD Global has failed in introducing a series of Nokia smartphone with innovative designs which no one can offer. We know that all Nokia smartphones designed by HMD Global comes with a premium feel and solid build quality & of course designs are also good but they look pretty much similar to devices from competition & here we’re talking about something different. Just like they introduced Nokia 9 PureView with 5 rear cameras.

Well, don’t be disappointed guys, it looks like HMD Global is slowly slowly hearing to all Nokia fans & they even tried something very interesting. As per the latest information, HMD had some plans to re-introduce a Nokia N95 revival smartphone with a vertical sliding mechanism. Later company decided to cancel this project for some valid reasons which you’ll get to know somewhere at the end of this article.

Original Nokia N95 (left) along with its new version (right)
Original Nokia N95 (left) Along With It’s New Version (right)

Thanks to Michael Fisher from MrMobile YouTube channel who had a chance to get his hands on the non-functional prototype unit of Nokia N95 revival. Exact specifications & features of the device aren’t disclosed. Actually Michael was planning to make a video explaining original Nokia N95 with a tittle “When Phones Were Fun: Nokia N95” & when HMD heard about the same they sent him a surprise unit showing what company was planning to do with the Nokia N95 revival.

Video is around 9 minutes in length but you can jump directly at 6:08 for the glimpse of the cancelled device we’re talking about:

Why HMD decided to cancel Nokia N95 revival?

HMD Global’s CPO Juho Sarvikas has clarified on Twitter that there was a major issue with the above concept (which could have forced HMD to cancel this whole project). According to him, the problem was, you could not access cameras and the speaker at the same time:

Even if above device isn’t going to be official, now we can say that at least HMD is trying to develop something innovative. We hope to see such devices released officially in the coming future.

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