In Q2 2019 Nokia was the 9th largest smartphones brand globally..!

Image showing Nokia smartphones (8.1, 7.1 & 6.1 Plus)

Last quarter we saw Nokia smartphones were missing from the list of top 10 smartphone brands globally & that wasn’t good time for HMD. But the smartphones shipments data for Q2 2019 is now available & the great news is Nokia smartphones are back to the Top 10 smartphone brands globally. As per the data published by Counterpoint Research Nokia (as HMD) was the 9th largest smartphone brand globally with 1.3% market share. In terms of shipments HMD has shipped over 4.8 million Nokia smartphones. Check out the below data for more details :

Image showing Q2 2019 global smartphone market share where Nokia smartphones were among the top 10 brands
Nokia smartphones at no.9 during Q2 2019

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This report also reveals HMD’s year-over-year growth to be 20% as compared to Q2 2018. If you compare this latest report to Q1 2019 you will see HMD did a great job. In a previous quarter Nokia was the 13th largest smartphone brand globally. But now it’s 9th.

The top 3 brands includes Samsung (21.3% market share), Huawei (15.8% market share) & Apple (10.1% market share). I’m surprised to see Realme is at the no.10 spot with 4.7 million shipments & 1.3% market share.

We hope HMD will improve the above numbers in the upcoming quarters. You can share your opinions on this topic in the comments section below.

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