In Q1 2019 Nokia Feature phones were no.1 globally but..Market Share

Image showing Nokia 3310 (2017)  feature phone

Update : The Counterpoint Research has now published the final report for Q1 2019 mobile phones market share. As expected Nokia was the no.1 feature phones brand globally. You can read out our special article on it by clicking here.

Previous : Counterpoint Research just published the data regarding global smartphone market share for Q1 2019. Just like previous quarters Samsung is still the no.1 smartphone maker globally. The 2nd & 3rd spot is captured by Huawei & Apple. The rest is dominated by Chinese brands. While for the first time Nokia brand lost its position from top 10 smartphone brands globally. Checkout the below data for more details :

Image showing global smartphone market share for Q1 2019
Global Smartphone Market Share for Q1 2019

We reached to Counterpoint Research for the detailed analysis regarding Nokia Phones sells & they replied to us very quickly. The most interesting thing from the data shared by Counterpoint is, Nokia feature phones captured no.1 spot globally. While in terms of smartphones, Nokia was no.13 with almost 1% market share. They didn’t revealed the exact numbers of sells. The data is still preliminary so, we have to wait until 15th May for the exact numbers.

Here’s the reply we received from Counterpoint team :

According to our preliminary data Nokia HMD is ranked 13th in terms of smartphone shipments with almost 1% market share. The brand is focusing on optimizing Android experience on its devices to give users a better experience at affordable prices. But it is facing tough competition from Chinese players providing higher specification devices at competitive price points resulting in decline of shipment sequentially.

Nokia HMD captured 1st position in terms of feature phone shipments during the quarter, surpassing Jio and iTel.

I hope this helpful. As mentioned, these are preliminary numbers and our final numbers will be available on 15th of May

I hope the final results will be positive.

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Thanks to Counterpoint Research team for providing the data !

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