HMD Global announces a new Centre of Excellence in Finland for R&D

Image showing HMD Global logo

HMD Global has recently (July 2nd) made an announcement that it is acquiring assets of Valona Labs and launching a brand-new Centre of Excellence in Tampere, Finland for R&D. The new Centre of Excellence in Tampere will specialise in software, security and services, propelling HMD Global’s transition from a purely hardware business, to a combined hardware and services company.

In March this year, HMD Global entered a new service category with the launch of its global data roaming service, HMD Connect, which enables people around the world to benefit from a hassle-free data SIM. Over the coming months, the centre in Tampere will concentrate on developing this service further and begin work on other services such as remote device locking, enterprise mobility management, mobile device software security, secure network communication and black box testing. HMD is also ambitions to expand the scope of the centre to include imaging and audio technologies in the future.

Juho Sarvikas [Chief Product Officer, HMD Global] said :

“As a company that believes every phone should be built upon the foundations of security, reliability and dependability, we are proud to announce the acquisition of assets of Valona Labs – a renowned and trusted mobile software business.

Nokia phones are known around the world for purposeful innovation and our pure, secure and up-to-date AndroidTM promise ensures people receive a smartphone experience that continues to get better over time. This is one of the reasons we maintain our position as leaders in fast OS updates. According to research from Counterpoint¹, we are, in fact, the fastest brand, covering 94% of our portfolio. By bringing in assets from Valona Labs, we will be in a stronger position than ever to deliver on this promise and further build the trust of our fans, which is one of our core values as a business.

We pride ourselves on our Finnish roots and our premium Nordic design, which is why we’re delighted to be bringing this new Centre of Excellence to Tampere. Through the acquisition of these assets, we will lay the foundations of a R&D hub that will transform our business and the products we offer to our fans.”

If you would like to know more about this new R&D center of HMD Global, you can check out the complete official press release by visiting here.

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