Here’s why Nokia Phones launch event (Sep 11) in India was postponed

Image showing press invite for the Nokia phones launch event in India

You might have a question, Why Nokia Phones launch event in India was postponed ? Previously this event was scheduled on September 11 where HMD was expected to launch some new Nokia phones in the country. But it was said that the event was postponed due to some technical issues. Now as per the info provided to NPU, the actual reason behind this story is some top executives of HMD are not available in India. Their sources also confirmed that the event isn’t going to happen even this week.

Now we have to wait a little more & that’s the answer for your favourite question, Why Nokia phones India launch event was postponed !

At the upcoming event in the country, HMD is expected to launch the newly announced Nokia phones from the company’s Berlin (IFA 2019) event. Nokia 6.2 & Nokia 7.2 these are the two mid-range Nokia smartphones expected to launch in India. We may also see some feature phones launching there like Nokia 110 (2019), Nokia 2720 Flip & Nokia 800 Tough.

Out of the above 5 mentioned Nokia Phones we think Nokia 7.2 & Nokia 800 Tough will be among the most successful models for HMD Global.

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via : NPU

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