Here’s what HMD’s CPO think about new OS on Nokia smartphones

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Currently Huawei is preparing to introduce it’s own smartphone OS rumored as “Hongmeng”. This new OS will be company’s alternative to Google’s Android. But, what did HMD’s CPO think about new OS on Nokia smartphones ? Will we see future Nokia smartphones on it’s own OS rather than Android ? The short answer is “Sadly No” but let’s find out what Sarvikas has to say :

Juho Sarvikas (CPO, HMD Global) recently had an Interview with a well known national news paper from Indonesia. In this interview, they discussed the current situation of Huawei’s US ban from using Google’s Android & how this Chinese manufacturer is preparing to introduce it’s own smartphone OS.

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When interviewer asked, “What does Nokia (HMD) think of as a manufacturer that faithfully uses Android One from Google?”ย  Sarvikas declined the possibility of using a new OS rather than Android on future Nokia devices. Checkout the answer below by Sarvikas :

“Not on a smartphone. There is no reason to make an OS” 

Further he said :

“We think we have the opportunity to differentiate the market with Google’s default features” 

You can readout the original article on here but it’s in a local language. So, using a translator would be better.

Did you think Nokia smartphones needs a different OS rather than Android ? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “Here’s what HMD’s CPO think about new OS on Nokia smartphones”

  1. They should primarily develope an alternative app ecosystem for their phones instead of over depending Google apps. Like the good old days ๐Ÿ’™.
    Nokia Mail
    Nokia Music
    Nokia Accounts app
    Nokia OVi store
    Nokia HERE maps
    Nokia voice assistant (Nokia Viki)
    Nokia nGAGE games launcher
    Nokia’s own search engine
    Nokia’s own payments app (digital wallet)
    Nokia’s own news app
    Nokia’s own social media app
    Nokia’s own messaging app
    Nokia’s own video streaming app
    …. and many more ….

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