Gcam 7.4 for Nokia 8.1 | Best Camera App for Photography?

Image : Nokia 8.1 with Gcam logo

Are you still using inbuilt Camera App for photography developed by HMD Global? If yes then let me tell you this could be time to use dedicated Google Camera (aka Gcam) App which will take your photography passion to the next level. Today we’ll give you a very useful link to download stable Gcam 7.4 for Nokia 8.1. As Google Camera Application isn’t officially developed for Nokia phones you may find little bit issues while using some specific features.

But the mod we’re providing today is the latest one claimed as highly stable & is working without any major problems. We suggest you to uninstall & back-up your previous Gcam App (If you’re already using one) before you install this new:

Download Gcam 7.4 for Nokia 8.1

Tell us your experience in the comments section once you complete it’s review.

The link we have shared in this article is originally provided by cyanogenmods.org

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