Ex-Nokia engineer reveals, why Nokia Lumia smartphones failed..!

Image showing Nokia Lumia 1020
Nokia Lumia 1020

Windows Phones are now the history & we all know what happened to them. Talking about them now makes no sense but we can always take some lessons from the past mistakes. Why did the Nokia Lumia smartphones failed ? Why Nokia failed in convincing users to switch from Android to Windows Phone ? You may have gone through numerous similar questions in the past. There are many reasons for that failure & now an ex-Nokia engineer has revealed the reasons behind failure of Lumia smartphones which were running on Windows Phone OS.

As per the report published by ZDNet, during Microsoft’s Nokia acquisition period this former Nokia employee was working with the company’s Boston offices as a software development engineer. During his job he also worked on the App store made for Nokia X (Nokia’s first Android smartphone without Google services).

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Here’s what he said in his reddit post :

There are many well known factors that caused WP’s demise, none of them alone took it down, but here are the ones that stood out most to me:

1.Underestimating Google : Obviously Apple was red hot and Microsoft knew that, but Google was new to the OS business and they really weren’t taken seriously enough. Android was pretty rough then, but the real value was Google’s services; when Google cut Microsoft off of YouTube, Maps, Gmail, etc, it really made WP look cheap.

2.Botched Windows 8 : Before Windows 8, WP had a lot of people’s curiosity. After Windows 8, people associated the two together as bad products even though the teams then were pretty independent and things done poorly on Windows 8 were not reflective of how the experience was on WP. Even with Windows 10, the stigma against “metro” never recovered.

3.Microsoft’s reputation : At the time it was still horrible and it meant that the young guys who grew up hating Microsoft were making the big start ups for other platforms.

4.Loyalty : By the 2014, people had themselves pretty comfortable with iOS or Android and even if WP got apps and whatever else it lacked, there just wasn’t a compelling reason to switch. Even now I sense the number swapping between iOS and Android is pretty low.
So I think that’s a long enough rant, but happy to discuss more if anyone has one has anything specific.

The above reasons are from the point of view of ex-Nokia employee. If you really want to understand what went wrong with Windows Phones then there’s a book named Operation Elop in which the chapter no.22 answers “Why Nokia Lumia smartphones failed ?”. You can download the PDF version of Operation Elop here.

After all we’re happy to see finally Nokia smartphones are back & running on stock Android OS. Thanks to HMD Global for bringing them back. With current Nokia smartphones HMD is really working hard to deliver their promises.

As a consumer, what do think about Nokia Lumia smartphones ? Why did they failed ? We would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. Also tell us if you’re interested in reading such types of articles in future. Your feedback is important for us. Our comments section is open for all of you.

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3 thoughts on “Ex-Nokia engineer reveals, why Nokia Lumia smartphones failed..!”


    I was a Nokia customer for over 10 years using the E 65, 800, 820, 830, 920. 2006 to 2016. Loved the changable tile sizes. Had no problems with its operating systems.

    1. I also loved the live tiles on lumias but Android & iOS users never switched to windows and that was a hard time for Nokia

  2. I’m a consumer of Nokia products from my early ages…. For almost 12 years. I loved all their phones they were truly innovative at those times for the money that we needed to spend.
    Lumia phones was spectacular in designs and hardware 💙.
    But totally windows did not gain popular support due to lack of support in apps and developers. Overall the OS was superb but I personally wanted a dedicated home screen.
    But I loved the old X series on Android.
    I really hope HMD GLOBAL will revive the old OVi app ecosystem for their smart feature phones atleast.

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