During Q2 2019 Nokia was the 5th largest smartphone brand of Europe

Q2 2019 Nokia smartphones market share in Europe

According to latest report published by Canalys, during Q2 2019 Nokia was the 5th largest smartphone brand of Europe. In the same quarter HMD had shipped total 1.2 million Nokia smartphones with 2.7% market share. But HMD recorded -18% annual growth which isn’t a good sign.

Other manufacturers are very strong in Europe. During the same quarter Samsung was market leader with 40.6 % market share by shipping 18.3 million smartphones. While Huawei & Apple were 2nd & 3rd largest smartphone brands with 18.8% and 14.1% market share. Xiaomi had shipped 4.3 million smartphones with 9.6% market share.

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We think HMD really needs to worry about its market share in Europe. After all Nokia is a Europe’s well known brand & HMD has the responsibility to take care of it. We can understand it takes time to be a market leader but Nokia brand has that potential. Just HMD needs a great strategy.

As this is a international blog we would love to hear opinions from our European readers on this topic. What do you think about marketing of Nokia smartphones & its Q2 2019 market share in Europe ? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Source : Canalys

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