Concept Creator reimagines Nokia 3310 (2020) | Watch Video

Jermaine aka Concept Creator just posted a new video on his YouTube channel where he did imagined the 2020 version of the legendary Nokia 3310 feature phone. The original was launched back in 2000 & HMD has already revived this feature phone in 2017 by announcing Nokia 3310 (2017). What’s interesting about the latest video posted by Jermaine is, it starts with Nokia’s handshake logo (Doesn’t comes in new Nokia phones) which makes you emotional to watch the complete video. Do check the video mentioned below :

Nokia 3310 Concept
(2020 Version)

If everything goes well, we could see a new reborn of the Nokia feature phone sometimes at the end of Q3 2020 or beginning of Q4 2020. But the exact model number isn’t yet known.


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