Chance to win Nokia 7.2 | Nokia Mobile extents “My life in a photo” Contest

Image : Nokia Mobile "My life in a photo" contest

Nokia Mobile has now extended its “My life in a photo” contest in India which is a part of #ShotOnNokia challenge. Previously this contest was scheduled to run between 17th March 2020 to 17th April 2020. All this happened on the request of Chirag Gohil (Nokia phones community member, Photographer) because users are struggling to capture good photos since there are some restrictions to go outside following government rules (lockdown) due to Coronavirus outbreak. Dipankar Paul (Staff member on the Nokia phones community) replied to him and finally agreed to extend this contest.

Image : Nokia phones community post
Image : Nokia phones community post

What’s this contest about ? How to participate ?

Here’s what Dipankar Paul has to say about this contest :

We’d love to get to know you better, and, as the theme suggests, we’re looking for photos that best describe your lives. Think friends, family, the things you love to do – travel, food, fitness.

And, as always, we’re looking for unique photos and interesting perspectives.

The 5 best photos will win a brand new Nokia 7.2!

Here’s what you have to do to participate and stand a chance to win:

Step 1: Register on the Nokia phones community

Step 2: Submit your entry as a comment under this discussion.

Thanks to Chirag as once again Nokia Mobile is providing an opportunity to those who are interested in photography through this “My life in a photo” contest. Guys try to be part of it.

Stay safe & stay tuned for more news updates !

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