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Image showing Vikas Sirsat
                                                                       Vikas P. Sirsat

Vikas is the Founder & Editor-in-chief of Nokiafanss.in. He is responsible for the each & every new article which gets published on this website. He is writing for this website from more than a year. Apart from this website, he spends most of his time learning about digital marketing & advertising

Contact info :

  • Email : sirsatvp@gmail.com
  • Mobile : +91 9175878962
Aniket Burande
                                                                  Burande Aniket Deepak

Aniket is the Co-founder & Contributor of this website. As being contributor of Nokiafanss.in he is behind all of our marketing activities. He is also interested in learning about share market.

Contact info :

  • Email : burande.ad07@gmail.com
  • Mobile : +91 7507146777