This new Nokia N9 Concept video shows a beautiful fabula design

Nokia N9 concept

Today we’ll discuss about a beautifully designed Nokia N9 concept video which will remind you some of the old Nokia smartphones from Lumia series. As this is a fan made concept video we suggest you to ignore the specifications & features mentioned across entire film. That’s because it’s not going to be real, but it shows what Nokia fans are really expecting HMD Global to do in the coming future. Here’s the video published by Tech Shockin named Indian YouTube channel:
Nokia N9 Concept Video

Nokia N9 with fabula design was originally released in 2011. It was the first & last Nokia smartphone to run on the Nokia’s own MeeGo Operating System.

Nokia N9
Nokia N9 [Image credit: Wikipedia]

At that time MeeGo OS was in testing phase so, company decided to launch this device in a select markets. After sometime Nokia decided to cancel its whole MeeGo project probably because of newly signed (in 2011) partnership agreement between Nokia & Microsoft didn’t allowed to test any other OS on Nokia smartphones except Windows Phone. But Nokia smartphones continued to come with the similar designs powered by Windows Phone OS.

As of now it looks like HMD Global isn’t much interested in reviving fabula or Lumia like designs in the Android powered Nokia smartphones. We have already published a dedicated article about its rumored reasons but lets hope for the future possibilities.

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