Nokia smartphones market share in India | Q2 2020 worst results ever ?

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Nokia smarphones market share in India is something a serious issue of discussion for most of the Nokia fans in the last few quarters (or we can say last few years). Just like previous quarters, results for smartphone market share in India during Q2 2020 are now out via Canalys. But this time results aren’t just serious issue of concern for Nokia but are the worst ever for the entire mobile industry & the reason for low shipments is the countrywide lockdown due to Covid-19 crisis. During Q2 2020, total 17.3 million smartphones were shipped across country & if we compare these shipments with Q2 2019 results then the industry saw almost around 50 percent decline. Let’s have a look at the results claimed by Canalys :

Image : Q1 2020 smartphone market share in India

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During Q2 2020, Xiaomi was leading the smartphone industry with 30.9 percent market share at the no.1 spot. While Vivo & Samsung was at the 2nd & 3rd spot with 21.3 percent & 16.8 percent share. Similarly, OPPO & Realme were at the 4th & 5th position with 12.9 & 10.0 percent of market share.

Each one among the above mentioned top 5 brands has gone through minimum 27 percent (OPPO) & maximum upto 60 percent decline in their total shipments. So, on the basis of industry’s critical situation due to Covid-19, we can say that Nokia smartphones market share during Q2 2020 in India was the lowest ever if we compare it with the last few quarters. However, we’ll need to wait for the exact details regarding shipments which are expected to be available soon.

We’ll give you a news update once we get more info on the same topic. Stay safe, Stay home & Stay tuned 🙂