Nokia cancels Annual General Meeting due to Coronavirus epidemic

Image : Nokia cancels Annual General Meeting

Today (March 18th) Nokia announced that the company has decided to cancel its Annual General Meeting due to coronavirus epidemic. This meeting was previously scheduled to be held on April 8, 2020. But now as per the new rule implemented by Finnish Government public gatherings of more than 10 people are banned for safety reasons.

Here’s a brief from official press release :

“Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the Finnish government has issued presidential decrees to commission the Emergency Powers Act on March 17, 2020. Furthermore, public gatherings of over 10 people are banned.”

“The health and safety of our employees, shareholders and other stakeholders is our first priority. We take the measures to mitigate the coronavirus seriously and therefore Nokia’s Board of Directors has resolved to cancel the Annual General Meeting initially scheduled to be held on April 8, 2020.”

Nokia (Corp.) didn’t have revealed any exact future date for its Annual General Meeting. But they have assured to convene it at a later stage as soon as it becomes practically possible.

For more details you can read out the complete press release here.

Stay tuned for further updates 🙂


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